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The CEO's point of view


Managing a product business across market and channels?

Running a product business in a competitive environment across countries is a challenge only few understand. With product information scattered around it is a constant struggle to keep departments, customers and suppliers aligned in a market that keeps moving faster.

  • Is valuable internal time spent on updating product information across an increasing number of product variations, communication channels and multiple languages?
  • As product life cycles get shorter, is it becoming a challenge to keep product information synchronized across functional departments such as development, production, marketing and sales?
  • Is your organization slowed down by disconnected systems and processes resulting in employees and customers not always having access the latest product information? How is that affecting time to market?

Benefits from using a pim system

To be successful in a competitive, global marketplace, you are dependent on product information, people and processes to be aligned. Perfion gives you just that, offering agility throughout your organization.

  • Cohesive collaboration across the value chain
    Your employees across departments collaborate based on always updated product information. External exchange of product information flows seamless.
  • Create once - reuse everywhere
    Free up internal resources from manual updates across systems in a never ending struggle to keep up. With one system for product information updates are made once and applied everywhere.
  • Market across channels and languages
    Your product needs to be marketed across a number of channels and languages, targeted different segments. With Perfion updates flows automatically across applications and language variations are managed as an integral part of the flow.
  • Speed to market
    With all team members sharing the same information through the products' life cycles and updates being published everywhere momentarily, time to market decreases significantly.
  • Standard IT solution with low TCO and high ROI
    Perfion offers seamless integration with your existing IT platform including your ERP system, and fast implementation. Return on investment is typically seen within a year.


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