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Product Information Management - PIM


As a marketing manager, you want to win customers’ hearts with creative and targeted marketing materials.

Meanwhile, inconsistent product data spread across multiple systems and databases means that you often spend more time collecting and double checking information than on developing good campaigns. 

Perfion is built to turn the tables on this problem, transforming product data from an obstacle into a competitive advantage.  

[VIDEO]: How Joanna from Marketing creates catalogs in no time and ensures eCommerce success



One source of product information

Update product information dynamically across all of your channels. That way, you can focus on quick and targeted communication to your customers, regardless of format, channel and language – and without worrying about whether your product information is up-to-date.

Design before innovation

With design templates that are automatically updated with the latest product data, it is easy for you to focus on the design and simply update to get the latest product information.

Catalog production in the fast lane

With just one source of product data and the certainty of synchronized and updated information, you can cut catalog production times from months to just days.  Instead of waiting for product data, you can design the entire catalog and update the product data when it is ready.

Quick to market

The dynamic and user-friendly set-up enables you to update product data, prices, and look & feel. And you can generate new materials such as segment brochures in hours instead of weeks, supporting your business and enabling action in constantly changing environments.

Personalize your communication across segments

Differentiate your materials with content, layout and product ranges tailored to each of your segments – with complete certainty that your product information is updated.

Manage content in multiple languages

Serve all of your markets in the local languages and lower the entry barrier to new markets. By linking product information to templates with marketing materials and integrating translation companies into your workflow, it is easy to add and manage language versions.

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