Product Information Management PIM solution for companies!!!

PIM Product Information Management solution for companies

Product Information Management - PIM
Act fast while keeping product information up-to-date with Perfion PIM

Time to market

How to act fast while keeping product information up-to-date
Perfion gives you the ability to act fast on market changes, quickly, efficient, and reliable.
Do multi-channel marketing in a global environment with Perfion PIM


Doing multi-channel marketing in a global environment?
Update product information once – apply everywhere. Outstanding marketing across mutiple channels.
Keep product information up-to-date across many parts with Perfion PIM

Complex Product

Keeping product information up-to-date across many parts
Perfion allows you to manage and update product information for a large number of parts and variants


J. N. KREILLER KG with the Perfion PIM system
Recorded webcast: Fully Integrated PIM for Dynamics NAV
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Perfion PIM in short

Microsoft Partner Silver Application DevelopmentPerfion PIM is the only 100% standard Product Information Management solution in the world, for businesses with a need for multi-channel, multi-language communication, fast time-to-market and/or a complex product structure with much information and/or variants. With the PIM solution Perfion, you get one single source of truth for product information (text, technical data, files, images, audio, video), allowing you to take full control of all product data on every sales and marketing platform.

Through its open API, Perfion integrates with your existing IT-platform and handles constant changes in requirements with no extra expense to you. Furthermore, it is the easiest and fastest Product Information Management solution to implement.

Perfion PIM integrates easily with existing ERP solutions and 100% into Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, SAP, Oracle, Movex, Infor, and others. It also integrates fully into Microsoft Office products and Microsoft SharePoint plus eCommerce and Web CMS solutions like EPiServer Commerce, Sana Commerce, Dynamicweb, MagentoOXID eSales and more.

Perfion has a documented Return On Investment (ROI) of under 12 months.